Photographs as Compelling Content Marketing

With all of the image-sharing services such as Pinterest and Instagram, sometimes a basic premise of communication practice is lost. Images are important in all of your marketing content but be sure that your images do not show the value of your product. Smart marketers give their customers a lot of creative fodder and in the process, position themselves as a brand that says, “We are here to help.” A marketer should use amazing pictures and graphics to tell amazing stories. When using pictures to help tell a story, the pictures can help to catch the interest and show what story you are either talking about or writing about. Pictures are used in magazines and newspapers to help show what the writer is trying to convey as well as what the particular article is covering. Tapping into your customer’s passion and creativity will help make your marketing more effective when reaching those customers that have been targeted for a particular product or brand. Entertaining prospect customers with user-generated visual content that lets your loyal customers share their own engaging stories is an important aspect of content marketing. A great example of this is, Australian tourism, customers have submitted over nine hundred photos a day showing off the country of Australia and their love for the country through pictures. With your company using different consumers photos and it shows that your brand is still focused on helping people and what the company can do for you. A company should humanize the images of their company by displaying a variety of people in different ways interacting with the company brands. It also helps give current customers a way to newly interact with the company. It is helpful to show your company through photos, videos explaining how to use the products, and surveys. In this way it will ensure that the customers feel more like they are interacting with your company and also getting good quality help. The company wants to help out their customers in almost any way they can but when using photos or imagery, be sure as a marketer that you stay away from generic stock images! No one wants to look at these photos and they can make your customer very bored. Use bright images that capture the attention of the customers. Sometimes the best photos are ones that your consumer has submitted to your social media. Visual content is snack able, which means your information, is easy and quick to consume. This allows your customers too see your info before they get too bored with the information. The company’s visual content should be friendly and show that the company is using social media to present their products or services. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, tumbler, and twitter help show the company’s products/service and attract a large amount of attention. The company should use their customers and users content that the consumers post as a way to advertise better and show what their company is about and what products they have. The visuals that the company’s consumers post and the ones the company use for advertisement should focus on the specific conversation that you’re talking about on social media. What this means is when your company is using consumer images that have to be related or focused on the subject that is being discussed. All visual content that is posted via the Internet needs to be compelling and hold the reader’s interest, which is why it is so important to have great visual content on all of a company’s social media. Good brands continually change up their marketing to best capture new and returning customers throughout the year but especially with new products or brands. To conclude we have shown how company’s can use their consumer’s photos to help with advertisement.


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One thought on “Photographs as Compelling Content Marketing

  1. I like how you said that visual content is snack able. Because no matter how many blogs or articles people read, its the imagery that keeps them interested. I have also found myself bored of articles sometimes if their are no pictures.


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