How to use Facebook to market your products or services

Using a Facebook page to market your services or products is a great way to get your company engaged online with social media. A Facebook page is almost a must these days to reach your customers, from the millennial generation as well as other generations. A majority of Internet users use Facebook to connect with other people socially and connect with business to gain information of what they sell or what services they offer. One useful part of Facebook is the ability for people to like or share your Facebook page, which ultimately means they are liking or sharing your products or services, a form of word of mouth advertising but online. When using Facebook a company is not looking to sell their products/services but rather inform consumers what it is that the company sells or what the company can offer to do for them. Facebook is a great way to show consumers how a company can benefit them through their products and services. If we try and get the customers to buy products/Services from a Facebook page, then there is a possibility that a company might scare them off or the customers will not want to buy from a company. A company does not want this to happen because caring for their customers is a priority that all companies have in wanting consumers to use their products and services over other companies online. A Firm can also advertise on Facebook’s Classic Ad’s. Using the Classic Ad’s will help get a brand name out to users of the Internet and help increase traffic to their website and Facebook page. A great tactic on Facebook is to have a giveaway for an event or a free gift. By doing a giveaway you will increase views of your Facebook page and increase your customer base size. The major step is showing how to treat customers and help a company’s customers on social media and especially Facebook. One idea with the use of Facebook is to show a product or campaign for products and services on the cover photo of your Facebook page. By updating a cover photo it will convey an updating of the Facebook page regularly and advertising of the products often; which should include links to your homepage of the website to the company advertising. A deep link is necessary when posting on the Facebook page of the company. A deep link is a link that will take your customers straight to the product or service. Linking only to a website of the company will not help the customers find the products or service that they are looking for. Without a deep link it could actually cause more confusion which could lead to the consumer finding a website that is easier to follow and not searching within a company’s website any longer.

The fact is that society has begun shopping online and using the Internet to find answers to solutions that they have. If a company wishes to see continued sales rise they need to have a presence within the social media field. Facebook is an easy way to stay connected to the consumers that not only buy a product regularly but those that might want to use a product or service in the future.


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3 thoughts on “How to use Facebook to market your products or services

  1. The part where you said Facebook mainly informs the customers instead of selling the products is interesting. Because now that I look at, if every company constantly tried to directly sell, it would start to be convoluted. Great post.


  2. Facebook is great! It’s definitely a must for any social media strategy, because so many older generations use Facebook and don’t really use other social media sites. Facebook live is a great tool as well. There are so many opportunities that continue to grow with Facebook! Good post!


  3. I found your blog very interesting. I use my Facebook to keep in touch with my friends but I also shop a lot as well. I find it easier to shop through Facebook. Great post!


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