Effective Writing for Marketing and PR

Your Marketing and public relations departments are meant to help build relationships with your customers and the journalist/media. The first thing you want to work on is how to identify your target market and how you separate them into different buying segments or buyer personas. Successful marketers will be using real word lingo to talk to their customers. Marketers want to talk to their customers, as if they were talking to them as friends. Be careful to avoid corporate jargon. Also, you don’t want to come across as if you are trying to hard, because that will make it sound phony and will make your customers unsatisfied. A rule for writing is to always start with looking at what your customers want and focus on that need instead of focusing on the products you are marketing. Always look at how you as the marketer will define the problem and figure out how to solve the problem, to help meet our customers needs with their problems. After finding a solution to our customer’s needs and issues, make sure the posts for your product are compelling and interesting to the target audience. This will ensure that your customers want to read your post about upcoming products as well as information on those that are already in use. The messages in the posts need to be consistent, clear, cohesive and finally context. Timing is a huge factor with writing, if you are sending it to journalist, enlist the journalist to ensure the release date is on the day you would like it to go out to the consumers, otherwise it might end up being at a later date for the products intended release date. If you put an embargo on your writing, this will tend to make the journalist unhappy and may cause them to not publish your work. Research is a major tool in looking at how to talk to your customers and what needs they have that you might want to write about. Consumers would rather read short paragraphs than long paragraphs. Our main goal as marketers is to keep our customers reading and interested in our products that we are writing about. Let’s talk, would you rather read a long boring paragraph or a short paragraph that explains the products in a fun exciting way? You will most likely go with the short paragraph that is more to point but still interesting. I’m not saying the long paragraphs are not a good way to talk to our customers but you should probably start out with a short paragraph before moving to the longer paragraphs in order to capture your consumer’s interest. When writing, we as marketers, have to make sure we are writing for our target audience versus telling our consumers to buy our products. This tends to turn the average consumer off. We should never write about why you need to buy our products but how these products will help you with your problems or needs. Home Depot does this amazingly well in their blogs, showing how they can help consumer’s problems by using their products. (The Home Depot) Home Depot has shown their customers that they are not trying to force you to buy their products but they actually want to help you with problems that have come up in day-to-day living. How to write effectively for our consumers and how our marketing and public relations department can reach new consumers and loyal customers is an essential part in the marketing world that all marketers need to learn as a part of becoming successful in the marketing world.




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2 thoughts on “Effective Writing for Marketing and PR

  1. I have to agree that timing is a big factor. Whether it’s to stay relevant or to even avoid backlash from posting controversial content. Keeping the content fresh and to the point, in my opinion, will definitely keep customers interested. Great post!


  2. I agree with your point that companies need to be focusing more on how their product can help consumers rather than boasting their product. People don’t want information without context, they want information on how things will help them. Nice job!


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