How to Create Thoughtful Content

With creating thoughtful content, a marketer needs to make sure their ideas are attracting buyers and not making them run in the opposite way. When you are writing, make sure that you do not in any way talk about the company or the products that you are promoting. The job of a thought leader is to be there to help your customers answer any questions that they might have. You will be showing that the business is thoughtful and caring as well as, a company that is worth doing business with. This type of marketing and PR is not a brochure or pitch sale. Thought leadership should never be about advertising. Before ever beginning an event, the thought leader must always define the organizational goals. After your goals for your event has been decided, you as the thought leader, will need to figure out if the event will be free or will people need to pay for your event to gain access. If you decide to go with the free route many will more than likely attend however, you might not learn anything about them or what their wants and needs are. However, if the event is paid you may not have as many people attend as you did with the free event which means you might not get answers that you were looking for either. The nice feature with paid events is you can acquire more information about your customers as well as their needs and wants. When trying to create thoughtfully, you should think like you are a publisher. In thinking like a publisher you are trying to understand your target audience. As you look at this target audience, you will be looking at the troubles they are having and how to appeal to them with different solutions to their problems. Writing to the consumers should be interesting including videos/ pictures, stories that influence the consumers by standing out for the needs and wants that need to be met. All of the articles need to stand out with your target audience, boring articles without visual aids will go ignored by the majority of consumers. Making your articles interesting also helps your customers to interact with you and your company, also attracting new customers. A great title that is intriguing and interesting for your customers is essential in grabbing the consumer as well. One way to bring in people to your articles is through click bait. “I would strongly advise against this, because it could make people dislike your article.” Click bait is being use a lot on YouTube to get views. This will bring in a lot of people but unless you are doing what you said in your title, then you lead your consumers down a path with no help. “Like I said above just don’t do it!” YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat does well with putting out topics that are interesting and keeping to the title. With Mr. Neistat doing it this way, he has gained many followers and some of his vlogs have had millions of views. He is also a featured in many different ads, like Samsung. Make sure you also promote this event like as if this is the only event you will ever have. Social media, have celebrities talk about the event, as well as putting the event in the local news are just several way to promote the event that you are trying to market. Another way to get a good amount of attention is by sending downloadable links to bloggers, vloggers, and reporters that you know will put a positive spin on your event without any negativity about the product you are promoting.





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