What Do You Want Your Buyers to Believe in for Your Organization?

We have been talking in class about how to persuade your buyers to believe in your organization as well as how to keep your consumers interested in your products. As the book described, during the 2004 elections, President George W. Bush was more appealing to mothers that were worried about security and keeping everyone safe. The marketing and election team wanted to promote the view that President Bush was a down home country boy and cared about core values with education and safety at the top of his election strategy. This strategy helped earn him the presidency. One of the best things to remember is that even if you have a great message it is not just about your product. For example, selling of cars, some might be very luxurious but Volvo always says, “We don’t just sell cars. We sell safety!” (Volvo.com) What this is saying is that if you buy our vehicles, we are not just selling you a car, you are getting a very safe nice car. Volvo is saying one of their highest features that they promote is safety. (Volvo.com) When I was at the American Marketing Association Regional Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, I listened to the speech by the marketing director for Volvo. He repeatedly talked about how important safety was for their many European customers that were very concerned with safety and their cars had to be developed to meet that need. Another great example is Gatorade, especially if we look at how Gatorade has shaped what we buy when we participate in sports or activities. Gatorade sponsors almost every sport. In their ads you will see many different target audiences buying Gatorade, because they want to be just like all the athletes who drink Gatorade. Gatorade’s famous slogan is, “If you want to win, you’ve got to replace what you lose.”(Gatorade.com) Some athletes might see each other differently in the sports they play vs. other sports, if so, you will have to make new ads/profiles for each of the different sports. For example, tennis and soccer are two totally different sports but both sports use Gatorade to replenish their teams. For tennis you would use a famous tennis player to spur interest in getting tennis players to buy Gatorade and the same can be said for soccer players. Gatorade does an amazing job at doing this because they have different celebrities from different sports. One of the biggest companies that understand their consumers to believe in them is Nike. (Nike.com) Nike has their famous phrase, “Just Do It” (Nike.com). Consumers that purchase Nike believe that by buying Nike’s products it will help them perform better than those who do not use Nike’s products. The Buyers persona for Nike is that this product will make me faster and help me get better during workouts. Nike has many different personae’s for all kinds of sports and activities. Another key factor as to why people’s personae about buying Nike products is it will make them cool, like the celebrities that are sponsored by Nike.

In the end, the organization/marketer that is selling a product must look at the effects of how a slogan or celebrity can influence the consumer that will be purchasing the product and to make sure that they believe in the product your are promoting.


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One thought on “What Do You Want Your Buyers to Believe in for Your Organization?

  1. Logan, I think this is a great post.
    It is so important for companies to go beyond selling their products in order to be successful. I love the example you shared about Volvo. Just the other day I actually saw a commercial of these kids getting in a car accident and calling their parents and basically it reached the emotional side of their audience, and really put out there the safety their cars have. And same with your other two examples, all three of your examples are definitely companies that go above and beyond! Thanks for the share.


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