Creating a World Wide Rave and the Rules of the Rave

The Internet has given rise to the form of direct marketing called the World Wide Rave. A “Rave” is when an idea takes off in an instant on the web from ordinary people telling their story about the use of a product and then that friend sends it to another friend and so on. Each person is a new contact that you never had to do a thing to get the product exposed, totally free advertisement for the product. It is a phenomenon that one person can make your company rise in fortune by contacting those that follow them until it has reached around the globe. For that reason it is important as marketers to understand and use the Internet to cause these Raves for the products that we market. There are many different Raves going on around the world many of which originate from the United States. For example, one of the Raves that are currently going on right now is GoPro ( GoPro has just released a long awaited action camera as well as their brand new drone called Karma ( The World Wide Rave is an amazing way to reach your customers and new ones by showing your products in this form. When did an experiment to see what would happen with diet coke and Mentos mixed together, they created a World Wide Rave. This Rave all started from a YouTube video and was spread around to many different people around the globe. The best part is that Coke and Mentos got free advertisement out of it and they were able to reach many different people for free! The process for doing a World Wide Rave is quite simple and easy to do. As marketers, we are taught different ways of doing marketing and a Rave is the exact opposite of what is done for a World Wide Rave. There are many rules for doing a Rave. These are a few examples of rules in which to do a Rave.

  1. Your customers do not care about your product. They care only if it will make their lives easier and are fun for them to enjoy/play with. You cannot try and get people hyped for your products, because your customers will see this as begging for them to buy your product.
  2. Do not do any type of coercion for you do not need to do that or spend time and money on it. If your product is already creating a rave your can let people share it and not worry about if your coercion is working or not.
  3. Let go of control and let people share your contents freely and openly. Let the consumers share what you have to offer and they can spread the word around to different people. Word of mouth is invaluable.
  4. Make sure you’re involved in social media or responding quickly to your customer’s questions and liking the content they have shared. Follow up with them and thank them for sharing your products.
  5. Make it easy to share your products and make triggers for your consumers. When you have helped someone with a problem that they have been having trouble with, they will most likely share their experience with social media and their friends. To get things elevated in the World Wide Rave you need to get people to talk about it and discuses it.
  6. Finally you need to point everyone to your website, so they can find your products and any help they need with their issues that may have come from use of the product.

If you follow theses rules it will generally help with getting a World Wide Rave started. Once you have it going it will take off and you will not have too much more other than what is on this list to make your product a worldwide phenomenon.





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2 thoughts on “Creating a World Wide Rave and the Rules of the Rave

  1. Great blog and very insightful. It is important to understand the concept of Raves in marketing, and your blog did a great job of that.


  2. This post has some great content. I thought this chapter was very interesting in the book, and I really like the examples that you added to it. GoPro is a great example of how successful these “world wide raves” can be. I’m a huge fan of their campaign and videos! I go back and forth on wether or not I think these things can be formulated, but you add some good tips on bettering the odds.


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