Social Networking and Agility

Social networking has opened new ways for business owners to talk with present customers as well as to bring in future customers through social media by tweeting back to customers or by liking a post that was made about your business. If a company does not use social media it will be missing one of the quickest and best way to reply to any need for help that their customers might have. If you reply to a user’s messages in real time it makes your customers happy to know that you care about your customers and shows everyone that you and your company are plugged into social media. For example Old Spice has had a spokesperson answering tweets during some of their commercials. Companies need to get more people involved with their social media campaigns to increase their sales. (Patel, 2016) Another example is the ad that Coca-Cola was doing with the Shazam app, where you could use your Shazam app to get a free coke. Coca-Cola also has hash tags in their ads, mainly in light lettering to hide it but still visible enough to get you interested in their hash tag campaign. (Coca-Cola®) The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon does an amazingly good job using weekly hash tags that turn into worldwide topics. This has made the Tonight Show famous for doing funny hash tags and how much they post to social media. People who haven’t really heard about the show are becoming more interested in it, which is resulting in more viewers. Huge companies also have marketing departments dedicated to nothing but social media. One of those big companies that are doing this really well is GoPro. GoPro has the hash tag #beahero and they post many videos from users to their Facebook page to get the word out on how they would like to have their cameras used. (GoPro).

One of the best things you can do with social media is help people if they are having trouble with any of your products. It shows that you care about them as customers and lets them know if there is a problem with their product, that you will fix it. This talk over social media will help build relationships with you and your customers. Also, with doing social media, you need to make sure you are fast responding and everyone knows who you are. For example, in the book, the author described that Hightail did not respond to his tweet that he sent out to get help with a code for pro software. As where he sent out that tweet, JetBlue sent a response saying they could help him with his problem by offering him a deal with their services. (Scott, 2015) Another good way to get peoples attention is to use your car for advertising by painting it with the company’s color or design that reminds everyone of your product. The Mary Kay’s Salespeople have bright pink cars that they drive around that are immediately associated with their product because that pink color is associated with the company name. In fact the cars have their own twitter account, so you can find out where a car is located if you wanted to get in touch with your local Mary Kay salesperson. (Scott, 2015 page 60)

Social networking and social media are the new frontier for the marketing of products. The agility to sell products to ongoing consumers as well as to acquire new customers is a big reason social media has become the new frontier with the ability to help consumers in the use of the products that a company is selling is a strong reason that social media is here to stay.


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2 thoughts on “Social Networking and Agility

  1. Yes, I have to agree that helping people in a reasonable amount of time is important when a business is on social media. Sometimes people feel like reaching out on Twitter can be more helpful than traditional customer service now. This could be because of the instant feedback and answers that get straight to the point. Great post!

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