Advertising: A Money Pit of Wasted Resources

In the old days we would market through the radio, TV, direct mail, and magazines. In each case there was a specific target that was to be reached. For example, when a TV program about preparing food was being watched on TV, the audience would be targeted to see advertisements that were about specialty food choices available at that time. One such advertisement might be for a megabrand, like McDonalds to get you interested in buying their products but if the product to be sold is for a small mom and pop local restaurant I would do an ad either on local TV or in the town newspaper. It would not do any good to broadcast it on national TV, because only the local people are going to be interested. No one outside that area is going to care about the local mom and pop restaurant and where it is located.

Advertising today has gotten even better in targeting a product to a particular audience. If the product that you are selling only pertains to limited number of people I would research the media they pay attention to. For example if I was doing an ad for mufflers for cars and trucks, I would advertise in magazines and websites that people interested in those products are known to view. If I were to put your ad in a national newspaper or on national TV programs, the ad would be seen by millions of people but only a few would actually go and look at your product. If you are only targeting certain people you do not want to waste your money on ads during live TV shows or national papers and magazines. A better plan is to limit ads to TV shows and papers/magazines that pertain to the seller’s products.

Here is another way I think you can develop new customers especially for a small new business. Say you are opening a new Laundromat and you want to bring more people into your business. I would send out flyers/pamphlets in the direct mail to the surrounding area to get people to come in to your store. Keep it local for anything else is just throwing money away!

Some of the old ways of advertising are still good if applied correctly but I think one of the new and better ways to advertise for small businesses and make their name known is by doing it on social media. The Web and social media advertising is so much different from the old way of advertising but it has so much more to offer the seller and the buyer. Web marketing and social media marketing is centered on interacting, informing, educating, multiple choices, and most important, it is delivering helpful content at the right moment when a buyer needs it. If you use social media to advertise a product it will be ten times cheaper than regular advertising and you can get people to pass it on to their friends and that helps your name grow and hopefully become bigger. If a small restaurant like Schoepf’s Bar-B-Que were to do advertisement like the Texas Roadhouse chain, then Schoepf’s Bar-B-Que would go bankrupt or close to bankrupt due to advertising cost. My best advise to all small business is to do only local advertising. To do it on a bigger scope is a waste of money.



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